Colossians 3:19

My husband and I have been married 23 years today.  Like all relationships, we’ve had our ups and downs.  We’re both Christians so when there are “downs” we pray, often together.  Our love for God and each other has led to two Christian kids and a marriage lasting almost a quarter of a century.

This morning, when we were getting ready for church, I heard an angry man outside.  When the yelling continued, I looked to see where it was coming from.  I discovered that there was a young man with a dog walking in the street with a young woman holding a baby, walking nearby.  I never heard her say anything to him, but he was yelling that he couldn’t live like this anymore and that she could/should live with her parents.  He threw up his arms in exasperation.  That scene saddened me.  I thought of how discouraged and embarrassed the young woman must have been.  Even though we were running late, I prayed that God would soften the heart of the man, guide the couple to come to know Him if they didn’t already, and help the couple’s relationship to work out.

I can’t know if the couple is married or not, but even if they’re not, I think Paul has some wise words for husbands and boyfriends.  He said in Colossians that husbands shouldn’t be harsh with their wives but should love them.  If you’re a husband or boyfriend and have been harsh with a wife or girlfriend, it’s time to make things right.