John 6:1-15

I have come to realize that largely, we don’t “just” do anything.  For instance, one day, I thought I was “just” going to the grocery store.  I was getting some milk when I noticed a handicapped woman arrive in a motorized scooter.  I offered to get her some milk and she accepted.  We started talking and she shared personal problems with me.  I listened and said encouraging words.  She did most of the talking and I mostly listened.  She needed someone to care about her and that day it was me.  When we parted, I told her I would pray for her and I did.

You’ve surely heard about Jesus’ miracles in the Bible.  One day, thousands were following Jesus.  There was a boy there that might have thought before he left, “I’ll just bring five little loaves and a couple of little fish.”  You probably know that Jesus ended up using the boy’s loaves and fish to feed all of those people.  There was even some left over!

The next time you think you’ll “just” go grocery shopping, mow the yard, etc., think twice.  It could be that your seemingly insignificant activity is suddenly significant.