Matthew 4:12-17, Revelation 20:11-15, Revelation 22

From time to time, some businesses have limited time offers.  Whether you purchase the item or not, don’t you feel a slight sense of urgency?

Sometimes you don’t get a limited time offer and the product you loved is discontinued.  I used to love a good Marathon (candy bar), but they were discontinued.

Thankfully, Jesus has given people a limited time offer.  Sufficient warning of His return and Judgement Day has been given.  A sense of urgency is felt in Matthew when Jesus asked people to repent.  Also, in Revelation, we read that some will be cast in “the lake of fire” if they’re not found in “the book of life,” and that Jesus is “coming soon.”

Jesus’ limited time offer hasn’t expired yet.  This is an offer people can’t afford to miss out on.