Isaiah 29:13

Spring is here and so are construction crews and machinery.  I saw a construction vehicle with a large sign that read, “Stay Back 50 Feet.”  To get an idea of a visual of 50 feet, I did a quick search.  I found a link about a 50 foot anaconda but imagining that was a little fuzzy for me.  This link was more helpful:  I thought the most helpful example was that of the length of about three cars.

It seems to me that some people have an invisible sign that says, “Stay Back 50 Feet” like that construction vehicle.  However, instead of being a sign for traffic, it seems to be their sign to God.  They seem to want God to stay back 50 feet.

God knows the state of our hearts.  In Isaiah 29:13, His Word declares that some people’s hearts are distant from Him.

If you’re pushing God away, consider getting closer to Him, especially during this Easter season.  To save sinners, who couldn’t have an everlasting relationship with Him in Heaven, Jesus’ blood was shed and He died.  He later rose from the dead, victorious.  What was the biggest thing you’ve done to save a relationship?  I hope you have the most meaningful Easter ever.