English: The Senate Grove of Giant Sequoias in...

English: The Senate Grove of Giant Sequoias in Sequoia National Park, California, US. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Isaiah 14:8, Genesis 1:11-12  Genesis 1:13


When God  made vegetation on the third day of Creation, the variety was great, including candy-scented, colorful flowers like irises and massive trees like sequoias!  Amazing!  It’s even more amazing to see the small seed that a sequoia grows from.  I saw one on the “God of Wonders,” video.


“Giant sequoias take around 20 years to reach maturity and start bearing cones…Each cone contains roughly 230 seeds…these tiny winged seeds are dispersed away from their parent tree by the wind, insects and rodents (2).”   http://www.arkive.org/giant-sequoia/sequoiadendron-giganteum/


“Giant sequoia forests were massively logged from the time they were first discovered in the mid 1800s until the 1950s (1)…Roughly 34 percent of the original range of the giant sequoia was lost to timber extraction (4)….”  http://www.arkive.org/giant-sequoia/sequoiadendron-giganteum/

  In Isaiah 14:8, a cutting woodsman of pine trees and cedars is mentioned in a cutting way, and rightly so.  In “The Reformation Study Bible,” R. C. Sproul explains, “Assyrian kings boast in their annals of the magnificent trees they carted off from pillaged lands to build their splendid palaces.”

It looks like some people today are taking better care of most of the current big trees, the sequoias God created.  “The giant sequoia is now recognised as a national treasure and as much as 90 percent of the population is protected (1).”  http://www.arkive.org/giant-sequoia/sequoiadendron-giganteum/


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