Philippians 4:8  James 1:27

When you buy bottled water, what do you look for?  Do you look for the word, “pure”?  If you buy the Aquafina brand, they say, “pure water, perfect taste.”  And if you choose the Nestle brand, they say, “Pure Life.”  Many people accept these products because of the word, “pure.”  But what do people think about being spiritually pure?  All of a sudden, many appear to run away from the word, “pure.”

What if Aquafina and Nestle tried to market their bottled water with the words, “polluted water, awful taste” or “Polluted Life”?  Would that work?  No.  It’s the same with our spiritual state.  We must be spiritually pure and not spiritually polluted.  God intended for us to think about good things like what is true and pure.

My family listened to a great sermon by Dr. John Barnett last Sunday.  He challenged listeners to think pure and “Godward” thoughts since movies, TV, etc. can neutralize Christian thoughts.  He asked if our default is set on God.  Is yours?  There are over 13,000 downloads on his sermon.  Don’t miss it!