Job 37:6    Job 38:22

You’ve probably heard, “Stop and smell the roses” many times.  But have you heard anyone say, “Stop and hear the snow”?  I’m guessing not.  One evening, I took our dog outside and I realized it was snowing.  The snow came down like a  fine mist.  The neighborhood was quiet at the moment, so I decided to stop, close my eyes, and try to hear the steady snowfall.  I was then able to barely hear the softly falling snow settle on my coat.  That’s one of the most peaceful moments I’ve had all year.

In Job, we read that God tells the snow to fall.  God Himself told Job about snow in “storehouses.”  Can you imagine what that might look like?

We serve a mighty God!  He is also loving and knows when we need quiet time.  God provides roses, snow, and so much more.  So, if you have a rose or roses during this time of year where you live, take time to sniff them.  But if you look out your window and see snow, like me, then maybe, if you’re willing and able, you can stop and hear the snow too.