Genesis 1:11-13, 8:11, Leviticus 23:40, Jonah 4:6

Our kids love leaves.  They love to find fallen leaves and examine them.  While out one day, our daughter mentioned that it looked to her like God cut out the leaves.  A child’s eyes recognized a designer, our Creator.  The oak leaf she admired was part of God’s plan on the third day of Creation.

Do you appreciate leaves?  Even though I recently raked, I do appreciate them.  It gave me an opportunity for exercise and it was interesting to observe various leaf characteristics.

You may recall some if not all of these positive references to leaves in the Bible.  In Genesis 8:11, when the dove came back to Noah with an olive leaf, that was an event of hope.  In Leviticus 23:40, branches of leafy “luxuriant trees” were to be used while rejoicing.  And in Jonah 4:6, “God provided a leafy plant” so Jonah could have shade.

Is raking on your “to do” list?  I hope you’ll view all those leaves with new appreciation, even to the level of a child’s appreciation.