Ecclesiastes 12:5b

Leviticus 11:22, Numbers 13:33, 1 Kings 8:37

In my regular Bible reading, I was interested to read in Ecclesiastes, “…and the grasshopper drags himself along.”  According to Liberty Bible Commentary, “The walk of the old man is compared to that of the grasshopper.  His whole body is nothing but skin and bones.  His bones stick out, and his body is exhausted.  He is nothing but an image of death.”

This isn’t the only reference to grasshoppers in the Bible.  In Leviticus, they are listed among food that is okay to eat.  In Numbers, some Israelite men sent to explore land, were afraid (not Caleb) of the size of the people and felt like grasshoppers in comparison.  And in 1 Kings, grasshoppers were listed among examples of disaster.

There are several more Scriptural references for grasshoppers.  You may choose to do further study.