Proverbs 19:11

When I’m driving, I usually give other drivers the benefit of the doubt and make up scenarios for why they are driving haphazardly.  I may tell myself that it’s a family emergency or some other pressing matter.  However, when I was driving home recently, an RV surprised me by cutting me off.  The rear of the vehicle was ever present and I noticed an irony.  It said, “View” and it was now blocking my view of the road and the horizon.  I started to get upset but then simmered down.

Proverbs 19:11 lets us know basically that it’s good not to take offense.  The next time someone does or says something that offends you, in addition to remembering this verse, you might imagine they said what our daughter said after saying something unkind.  After she realized she didn’t sound nice, she said, “Pretend I didn’t say that and that I said something else.”