1 Peter 5:8

Early last week I drove to a post office to mail some bills.  On my way home, I saw a hawk on a business’s lawn.  It had caught something so I parked the car to get a closer look.  Struggling in its talons was a rabbit with blood on one of its back feet.  From the car I yelled, “Go!” and clapped my hands.  Since the hawk was undaunted, I got out of the car and walked within about six or seven feet from it.  Even then it just flapped its wings a bit and dragged the rabbit only several inches.  The bird of prey looked at me and continued the death grip.  Seeing that the rabbit was limp, I left.

This is an example of predator and prey in the animal kingdom but it’s a reminder that sin entered the world long ago after Adam and Eve sinned.  It’s also a grim reminder that there is a spiritual battle and the enemy looks around for people to devour.  Be on guard.