Genesis 37:3-11, 39:1-16, 40:8-23, 41:1-32, 50-52

Genesis 37:23-24

Before bed each night, I read from, “Day By Day Kid’s Bible” to our two kids.  We’ve been reading about Joseph and I noticed that he had two coats taken from him.  His brothers had his first coat and the captain’s wife had his second coat.

Joseph had two dreams, one about grain and the other about the sun, moon and stars.  Then, Joseph interpreted two dreams, one of the cupbearer and one of the baker.  Further, Joseph interpreted two dreams of the Pharaoh, one about cows and the other about grain  (I find it interesting that Joseph and Pharaoh both dreamed of grain).

In addition, Joseph had two sons, Manasseh and Ephraim.  So, that makes five instances where the digit two surfaces.

I think Joseph’s own words in Genesis 41:32, help bring some meaning to the frequency of that number in his life.  I believe that at least the various dreams above can be explained as a firm decision made by God.