Revelation 1:9, 6:15

Why was the apostle John exiled to Patmos? He was of course a Christian and my NIV Bible states, “Since Roman authorities at this time were beginning to enforce…emperor worship, Christians – who held that Christ, not Caesar, was Lord – were facing increasing hostility.”

According to Wikipedia, people can view the cave (The Cave of the Apocalypse) where John is believed to have received his Revelation.  In doing a search for “cave” in, there was one reference to “caves” in Revelation 6:15 but it wasn’t referring to his residence on the island.

Back when the apostle John lived on the Island of Patmos it evidently wasn’t considered a vacation destination.  If we could talk to John today, what do you think he’d say after finding out that the Island of Patmos now has ferryboats and can use a helicopter?

If you plan to go to Patmos, try not to get hurt badly.  Evidently, if you need emergency medical care past first aid, you’ll have to be taken by ferryboat or helicopter off of the island.