Psalm 137:1-4

When I read that harps were put on poplars in the above passage I tried to imagine what that would look like.  If you have a KJV Bible, your version will say, “willows.”  In case you think that the usage of the word “poplar” in one version and “willows” in another version is inconsistent, Britannica will bring the two terms together:

“poplar, any of several species of trees belonging to the genus Populus of the willow family (Salicaceae).

The Liberty Bible Commentary (OT) helps to visualize today’s Scripture by saying, “Symbolic of their grief, We hanged our harps upon the willows.  The drooping branches of the weeping willow provided a most somber setting for the Jews to sit along the banks of the Babylonian watercourses and weep for their city.”