Matthew 6:1-4

In Matthew, Jesus explained how to give.  Not understanding the correct way to give to the poor will result in no heavenly reward.  So how should one give?  The manner of giving shouldn’t resemble a fanfare.  Giving should be done secretly.

Liberty Bible Commentary puts it this way, “True worship is to result from the  desire to serve God, not men, since pleasing God is far more important than pleasing men.  Loss of reward is incurred by gaining the reward of human recognition as an end in itself…Notice that this passage does not state that it is wrong to give systematically, nor through church envelopes, nor receiving a tax-deductible receipt…There are ample examples of systematic giving in Scripture in order to build the Temple, to provide for the needs and welfare of the underprivileged…The Christian is to give, not in order to receive reward, but that his love might be expressed to God who shall reward him.”