1 Kings 19:1-9, Job 30:4, Psalm 120:4

While in the book of Psalms one night I read about a broom tree.  Curious, I searched biblegateway.com to see how many times the plant appears in the Bible.  The aforementioned online source uses the NIV version that says, “broom bush” so since my 1984 NIV Bible uses the word, “broom tree” I had to truncate my search word to “broom.”  That said, references to this plant were used three times.  Interestingly, it was used in three different ways.  In 1 Kings, Elijah rested under it, in Job, the root of the plant was used for food, and in Psalm, we read that part of the tree can be used for punishment.

To learn more about the broom tree, visit http://godasagardener.com/2012/04/15/elijah-under-the-broom-tree/ and take in a broom tree photo with fascinating facts and speculation about Elijah’s complete experience under a broom tree.