Matthew 8:16, 9:27-31, 14:34-36, Mark 1:32, 6:53-56, 7:31-37, 8:22-26, Luke 4:40, 5:18-26, 11:14, Luke 18:35-43, John 9:1-41

I have been thinking about the miracles of Jesus.  How many blind people were healed?  How many deaf were healed?  Were there others that needed a sense healed?  I found some answers at which lists Jesus’ miracles, including the virgin birth and the resurrection.  There are also links to Bible verses.

Since Jesus healed so many on different occasions and the Scripture doesn’t always mention what specifically was healed, it is difficult to give an accurate number.  However, for what was mentioned, my finding was that six blind people, one deaf person and one paralyzed person were healed.  So, in my brief Bible study, I found that the senses Jesus healed were mostly sight, but also hearing and touch.