Matthew 19:24

Last week, I picked up our son’s torn stuffed animal and decided to sew it up.  I sat down, chose some thread and started to thread the needle.  I had to try twice to get the thread through and it made me think about the camel and needle verse.

I looked up Matthew 19:24 and Liberty Bible Commentary expounded, “The illustration of a camel going through the eye of a needle has been interpreted as a camel hair rope going through a needle; or an actual camel squeezing through a small gate, ‘the eye of a needle,’ next to the main gate at Jerusalem; or the absolute impossibility of a literal camel (Palestine’s largest animal) literally going through a tiny needle’s eye.  The latter usage is most likely…The salvation of a rich sinner is just as miraculous as the salvation of a poor sinner.  Both are only possible with God!”