John 21:15-17

In these verses, Jesus asked Peter if he loved him.  We know that Peter later showed his love for Jesus in a big way by how he lived.

In a past post, “St. Patrick’s Impact,” it was mentioned that St. Patrick baptized thousands of converts.  That and many other aspects of his life showed his love for Jesus.

Most of us don’t have the level of impact that Peter and St. Patrick had, but we can think about how we can show our love for Jesus.  It can be simple.  In the last month, I saw one man wearing a hat that said, “I love Jesus.”  Another man had a bumper sticker on his car that read, “Real men love Jesus.”

Do you love Jesus?  If you’re already showing you love Him in the best way you know how, that is great!  If you aren’t, or think you could do better, pray for guidance.  Godspeed!