Genesis 1:1-31, 2:1-3

Recently, my family enjoyed going to an art show that displayed art from our community’s elementary schools.  We wanted to make sure to go because the art show was only available two hours a day for a limited time.

When God created the Earth, etc., he showed his great creativity.  Some of God’s art work is available for a limited time, like clouds.  The other day, I noticed a pink glow in our kids’ rooms.  I looked out the blinds and was treated to a cloud that looked like a pink vertical mountain.  By the time I got to a window with a camera, however, it had changed.

On another day, we woke up to a snow-covered neighborhood.  Our son said it was like God had painted everything white while we slept.  That beautiful art work lasted longer than the cloud did.  And snow is beautiful on two levels since on closer inspection, snowflakes reveal intricate patterns.

Much of God’s art work though, is an ongoing exhibit.  People marvel at Mount McKinley, the redwood trees, etc.  Enjoy God’s multiple art shows!