Nehemiah 9:5b-6

Recently, I became amazed again, that God made the “highest heavens.”  I’m sure you’ve marveled as well over the solar system we are a part of.  Have you ever wondered if the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter was once a planet?

In 1766, Johann Titius, an astronomer, came up with a numerical sequence to approximate radii of planetary orbits.  This came to be called the “Titius-Bode Law.”  When Uranus was found in 1781, this law was applied and the orbit was very close to a match.  This led some scientists to think there must have been a planet between Jupiter and Mars.

Neptune was later found and didn’t follow the formula.  Many scientists today think that rather than pieces from a planet, “the asteroids never formed a planet at all.” (Wikipedia)

There is a dwarf planet called Ceres in the asteroid belt.  NASA’s Dawn spacecraft plans to be in its orbit in 2015.  (Wikipedia)

Earth’s scientists study the asteroid belt and beyond, but God, the supreme scientist, knows all.  He made the scientists, Earth, sun, planets and the entire universe.  He already knows what NASA’s probe may or may not discover about Ceres.  He doesn’t have to wait until 2015.