Nehemiah 8:1-3

2 Timothy 2:24, 1 Thessalonians 5:14

Are you a patient person?  It seems to me that people are becoming increasingly impatient, possibly due to our “insta-world.”  I’ve noticed that people on the road are much less tolerant than in years past.  A recent example is one driver honking at another for not speeding up immediately after a light turned green.  You no doubt could share examples too from impatient on-the-road and off-the-road behavior.

I saw an off-the-road example last Saturday.  A mother and son were in a shoe aisle, and the mother demanded he try on a shoe.  She yelled that she didn’t have all day.

In contrast, Ezra read the Book of the Law aloud to the people from the beginning of the day to noon, which would be about five or six hours.  Do you think the people were impatient  for him to finish?  No, in fact, all of them were attentive!

Ezra and the people are good examples of patience.  The next time we feel impatience setting in, we should think of the patience of Ezra and the people.