Psalm 103:12, Matthew 24:27

Colossians 3:1-2

Isaiah 35:8-10

There are highways all over the world that aid us in getting to our destinations.  But with the hectic pace many have in life, do they think about their eternal destination?

Not long ago, my kids and I saw a large, very long, dark gray cloud in the shape of a highway.  It was stretched over the cityline of Cedar Rapids from East to West, and we couldn’t see its end.  There were no other clouds in the sky, and it kept its shape for quite awhile.  I believe God can use many ways to communicate, including that cloud.  He could have been giving an example of how far the East is from the West, showing how far our sins can be separated from us.  Or, maybe He was demonstrating how easy it will be to see Jesus when He comes, since He’ll be like lightning shining from East to West.

The sight of that awesome highway cloud stuck with me  and made me think heavenly thoughts.  I like to think that with a hard-to-miss, massive cloud like that, others had heavenly thoughts as well, hopefully leading to more saved souls.