Psalm 139:14, Psalm 126:2, Ecclesiastes 3:4, Luke 6:21

On a beautiful fall day, there was a layer of yellow leaves that had lighted on the tops of someone’s green bushes.  They resembled  large, lemon-lime cupcakes, and it made me smile.  On another equally beautiful fall day, my daughter and I went on a walk.  The colors of the trees were breathtaking.  Leaves fell occasionally under most of the trees, but one tree, not far ahead, was quite a spectacle of yellow, falling leaves.  I playfully said it was “leafing.”  My daughter preferred to say it was “raining leaves.”  We approached the tree and stood under it as leaves collided with us now and then.  I encouraged her to try to catch one.  I even tried to catch one and, eventually, after all of our running and laughing, we managed to do so.

Aren’t we fearfully and wonderfully made that we have the ability to laugh? We were already complex, and God didn’t have to add that detail.  Let’s make sure though that our laughter is innocent and not an impure or mocking type.

Those few minutes on that gorgeous fall day were my daughter’s and my time to laugh.  If you’re well enough, and the trees in your neck of the woods are “leafing,” consider trying to catch a leaf soon.  If you plan to, I hope you catch one!