Genesis 3:17-19, Matthew 27:27-31

In my daughter’s Christian curriculum, she learned recently about the plants that played a role near and at the end of Jesus’ life on Earth.  Jubilant people with Palm branches greeted Him, later, thorns were used to hurt Him, and part of a tree was used in killing Him.

As I thought about the crown of thorns the soldiers used to hurt Jesus, I thought about another mention of thorns in Genesis.  Since the Bible is so deep, I began to wonder if there was a connection with the thorns of Genesis that resulted because of sin, and the crown of thorns.  It is my opinion that since the original thorns came about because of sin, the following thorns represented sin, and caused Jesus pain.

Yesterday, we bought some roses, and felt some thorns.  Surely you’ve felt thorns before.  Just imagine what Jesus went through for us!  Thank you, Jesus!