Matthew 5:43-44, Mark 12:31

Amidst the complicated bad news in the world, a simple picture of a man and his loving dog in Lake Superior went viral lately.  The beginning of the picture’s caption reads, “John Unger and his 19-year-old rescue dog, Schoep, take one of their therapeutic evening swims…”.  I read the story and you probably did as well.  One particularly touching part was when Schoep gave his owner a really concerned look during a dark time in his life.  Thankfully, that one look gave his owner the strength to try to heal emotionally.

Awhile back, I read another moving example of a dog’s love in Peaceful Kingdom Random Acts of Kindness by Animals, by Stephanie Laland.  A Newfoundland named Malakoff belonged to a Parisian jeweler.  A man that worked for the jeweler hated Malakoff.  He decided to put a heavy stone around the dog’s neck and throw him in a river.  Malakoff struggled in the water and then noticed that the man had fallen in and was near drowning.  Even though Malakoff was almost to the shore, with difficulty, he turned back and helped keep the man afloat.  When they were rescued, the man hugged Malakoff, cried, and asked the dog to forgive him.

I believe God uses dogs and other animals to teach us lessons every now and then.  Let’s take a page from the beautiful examples of love Schoep and Malakoff showed us!