2 Chronicles 15:17, 2 Chronicles 16:9, John 15:5

Matthew 6:34

Each day we need strength.  Jesus told us that each day will have trouble.  And with troubling situations like the widespread U.S. drought, missing Evansdale, IA girls, senseless shooting at a Colorado theatre, etc., people need God more than ever.  He can supply the strength.

Asa was fully committed to God.  And God’s eyes search the earth seeking to give strength to the ones that are committed to Him fully.

There’s a song called, “People Need the Lord” and that’s very true.  Without God, it’s as if we’re in a critical spiritual state in need of an ambulance.  Jesus said it best when He told us that we can do nothing apart from Him.  So, we need to pray for others to follow Jesus.

I was encouraged by the number of people praying for the Evansdale girls.  My hope is that this will create a spike in curiosity about Jesus, leading to many following Him and becoming fully committed to Him.