Romans 12:2, Psalm 144:4

John 14:2-3, Matthew 6:24

How do you think the world sees you?  How do you think God sees you?  Are you or others you know trying to conform to the world’s way or God’s way?  Most likely, you’ll pass away before you’re 100, and then what?  It’s wise to follow God’s way and not the way of the world.  The world’s way gives a green light to lust, greed, etc.  God’s way gives a red light to those things to help us.  If you’re going the world’s way, STOP and analyze what you think about on a given day.  Those on God’s path think about heavenly things, those things that are good.

There is a current popular Christian song that’s about earth not being where we belong.  The artist sings that we’re not home yet.  The artist’s audience is Christians who long to be with Jesus in heaven.  If you don’t know Jesus, find Him fast and live for Him.  Then, maybe you’ll be singing this song and longing for the special place in heaven Jesus prepares for you.