1 Chronicles 15: 16-22

When reading about the ark being brought to Jerusalem, I ran across the words alamoth and sheminith.  Not knowing what they meant, I glanced at the footnotes which indicated they were probably musical terms.  An online search produced the opinion of christiananswers.net which says:

Sheminith – “…supposed to denote the lowest note sung by men’s voices.”

Alamoth – “…denoting that the psalm which bears this inscription was to be sung by soprano or female voices.”

Before I knew what these terms might really mean, I recently playfully asked my young son to sing his lowest note.  It was cute.  I then asked my husband to sing his lowest note which was of course much lower.

In our house, music is a staple.  We play Christian contemporary music, sacred music, etc.  I hope you love Chrisitian music too and that you feel like singing or playing an instrument now!