John 17-20

In school, most of us were asked many times for the main idea of a story.

What is the main idea of the Easter story?

a. Jesus died for our sins, rose from the dead, and gave us hope for eternal life with Him.

b. Chocolate Carrots are on sale, two for $7.00.

c. Liquid Jelly Beans are on sale for $1.00.

I hope this was the easiest multiple choice test question you’ve ever answered.  Of course the answer is a.  If you’ve seen grocery ads and been out shopping like I have though, you can’t deny that it looks like Easter isn’t about Jesus.  I have to give credit to one store (not a Christian store) that had religious stickers and some prayer books.  That’s a start, but still the ratio is all wrong.  Think about the extremely painful sacrifice Jesus made for all of us.  Without saying anything, we communicate to businesses what we want by how we spend our money.  If you happen to be a fan of chocolate carrots, consider instead looking harder and finding a chocolate cross or something similar.  I’ve bought chocolate crosses before so hopefully they’re still out there.  Please help to get religious items at Easter time off of the endangered list.  In most businesses, it appears Palm Sunday items are already extinct.