Luke 10: 25-37

This past week I saw the biggest post-crash scene at an intersection I’ve ever seen.  There was an ambulance, fire truck and police cars.  It was at night which made the emergency lights even more visible.  Emergency personnel were there to help the people involved.  Maybe someone called 911 to get help on the scene.  Maybe police were already nearby and contacted other emergency personnel.  Whatever happened, it appeared the people in the accident got help immediately.

Go back in time now when there wasn’t a 911 option.  In the Parable of the Good Samaritan,  the man attacked by robbers wasn’t helped right away.  When the robbers left him on the road, he was “half dead.”  A priest and a Levite went past the man.  We don’t know how much time passed  before the Good Samaritan came, but when he got to the man, he was compassionate and acted as an EMT bandaging his wounds, and taking his “ambulance” (donkey)  to a place to take care of him.  Beyond the duties of an EMT, he even paid the man’s “hospital bill!”  Wow!