1 Corinthians 13, 1 John 4:7-8

If someone helps you on a chore, gives you chocolate, flowers, a card or a hug, you feel loved.  What is love?  If you look it up in a dictionary, you’ll find several definitions, one being, “deep affection and warm feeling for another” and another even being, “a zero score in tennis.”  The above examples of loving gestures and a dictionary’s first definition of love reflect a small fraction of God’s definition of love.  Giving chocolate, etc. falls under the category of “kind.”  But God’s definition of love encompasses being kind, patient, not envying, not boasting, not being proud, not being rude, not being self-seeking, not being easily angered, not keeping a record of wrongs, not delighting in evil, rejoicing over truth, protecting, trusting, hoping and persevering.

We should try our best to show God’s definition of love.  Jesus was and is perfect and lived God’s perfect definition of love.  Jesus loved us so much that he bled for us and layed down his life for us to save us from our sins.  What amazing love!

The kind of love gestures people show may make us say, “Awww!”  But God’s love should lead us to say, “AWesome!”  Happy Valentine’s Day to our loving God who IS love!