2 Kings 20:  1-11

On Groundhog Day this week, some will be curious to find out if the groundhog sees its shadow or not.  Folklore says if the groundhog sees its shadow, we should expect six weeks of winter weather.

A leader of God’s people, Hezekiah, wanted to be healed by God.  He asked for a sign that God would heal him.  The prophet Isaiah asked Hezekiah if he preferred the shadow to go forward or backward.  Hezekiah chose for the shadow to go back.  Then God caused the shadow to move backward.

The groundhog’s shadow in connection to Groundhog Day is based on folklore.  The shadow God moved for Hezekiah was real.

Add to the list of God’s awesomeness that He can move any shadow at will.  Also, He made groundhogs, so we wouldn’t have our fun little Groundhog Day without Him.