Matthew 2:1-12, Luke 1:26-45, 56, Luke 2:8-40

When a child is born into a loving environment, doting parents share their joy by letting others hold their child/children.  It’s 2012 and I’m still in Christmas mode.  Yesterday, I pictured Mary holding Jesus, and began to wonder who else got to hold Him.  Surely Joseph held Jesus many times.  After Mary gave birth to Jesus, shepherds (unknown number) came to see Jesus, but it’s probably unlikely that they held Him.  The Magi saw Jesus, bowed down, worshiped Him and presented their gifts.  It’s possible that one or more of them held Him.

Later, Joseph and Mary took Him to the temple courts and a righteous man named Simeon held Him.  Then, Anna, a prophetess came.  She might have got a turn after Simeon was done holding Him.

I wonder if Elizabeth eventually held Jesus.  Maybe Mary held John the Baptist since Mary saw Elizabeth when she was six months along and stayed with her approximately three months.

So how many people do you think got to hold Jesus?  I think at least three (Mary, Joseph and Simeon).