Luke 1:26-30, Genesis 6:8, Deuteronomy 33:23, 1 Samuel 2:26

Having just celebrated Christmas, the Christmas story is fresh on our minds.  But did you notice that when the angel Gabriel spoke to Mary, he called her favored twice?  The conversation between Gabriel and Mary was brief.  Out of curiousity, I asked my husband to time me reading most of the above verses from Luke.  It ended up being one minute and five seconds.  Of course I don’t know the rate they were speaking and the length of time for Mary’s responses, but maybe that’s close.  What we can gather from Gabriel’s words though, is that it was important for him to let Mary know she was favored.

Who else was favored by God in the Bible?  Noah was, as was Naphtali, Samuel, etc.  We can study them and others that He favored to get tips on how to live for God.

Let me ask you a question.  If you were a Bible character, and if you were described, do you think you would be described as being favored by God?

As you ponder your New Year’s resolutions, in addition to any possible physical goals, consider topping your list with spiritual goals and including actively seeking God’s favor in 2012.  A good place to start is Psalm 84:11-12.  May we all choose to gain favor from God, the King of Angels!  Blessed be His name!