Luke 2:7, 23:50-56, 24

According to “The Ultimate Bible Fact and Quiz Book” by Martin Manser, “…The second century Christian writer, Justin Martyr, who was born in Palestine, said that Joseph found a cave which was used as a stable.”  If that is so, Christmas card companies, artists, etc. should get the memo.

If Jesus was born in a cave, maybe that was to symbolize Him being surrounded by a dark sinful world.  Much later, when His body was placed in a cave-like tomb, maybe that also symbolized Him being surrounded by a dark sinful world.  However, Christians know that Jesus didn’t stay there long.

We still live in a sinful world but Jesus, the light of the world, conquered the darkness of sin and death.  JESUS WON, so if you’re hanging onto sin, getting away from the darkness and basking in Jesus’ light is the answer!