Matthew 1:21, 13:55-56, Mark 6:3

During the Christmas season, Christians lovingly dwell on the Christmas story about Jesus, Mary and Joseph (usually mentioned after Mary for obvious reasons).  Last night, while thinking about Jesus on Earth as a baby, I picked up a book called, “The Ultimate Bible Fact and Quiz Book,” by Martin Manser.  It says, “In the Bible, names were highly significant and gave information about the person.  The name ‘Jesus’ was chosen by God (Matthew 1:21).  It means ‘the Lord saves’.”

When a child or children are expected to be born, a name or names for him/her/them should be carefully considered.  For Mary and Joseph’s firstborn child, Jesus, they didn’t have to wonder what to name Him since God decided that.  In fact, through concise heavenly messages, Mary and Joseph didn’t have to wonder about much.  They learned that she’d be pregnant, have a son (no waiting to discover gender), name Him Jesus, and know His great purpose to save people from sins!

In Matthew 13:55-56 and Mark 6:3 we read that Jesus had brothers and sisters.  Having a second child might have been a bit bewildering for Mary and Joseph. They would have to wait to find out if they had a boy or girl, wonder what to name the child, and wonder about the future (unless carpentry was a given for the boys).  Plus, they would be used to Jesus who was perfect and sinless.

Jesus was and is perfect in every way.  Jesus’ purpose then and now is to save people from sins; it’s what He was born to do!  So, if you haven’t already, give Jesus a chance to save you from your sins!