1 Thessalonians 5:18

Earlier this month, I went to a store in search of Thanksgiving/fall-themed napkins for our son’s snack at school.  It was almost two full weeks before Thanksgiving, and my hopes were high that I would find some.  My hopes quickly faded as I proceeded further and further into the store.  Finally, after seeing a heavy concentration of Santa stuff, I located a small display of Thanksgiving cards in the back of the store.  That was all there was.  Disappointed, I paid for some lame napkin substitutes and left.

To me, those lopsided seasonal displays represented our “Gimme” culture and the squelched thankful spirit.  Maybe you disagree, but you’ll agree that having a thankful nature is pleasing to our living God.  As the above verse says, it is God’s will for us to give thanks.

So are you with me to put some steam behind Thanksgiving by showing gratitude?  Don’t let Santa’s reindeer stampede this sweet holiday.  Thanks!