2 Kings 13:20-21

We all know what it feels like to be surprised.  There are pleasant surprises and unpleasant surprises.  But which type of surprise did the Israelites experience in the above passage?  Obviously, it would have been an unpleasant surprise to suddenly see raiders when they were trying to bury a man.  But when the man’s body became alive after being thrown into Elisha’s grave against his bones, what would they feel then?  They seemed scared when the raiders came on the scene, but I think they were probably very scared when the man they thought was dead was suddenly alive and standing there.  I think their likely fear subsided and they became pleasantly surprised, but they probably wouldn’t be able to adequately express that until the raiders left.  I don’t know how close the raiders were and if they could have seen part of the hasty body toss into Elisha’s tomb and the result. Maybe the raiders saw, got scared, and left.  Whatever happened, the Israelites would have to explain to the former dead guy (who was probably scared too) that they were trying to bury him when raiders came, etc.

Sometimes we read or hear stories about people that died and came back to life.  Sometimes it changes the way they live since they feel like they have a second chance.  I wonder how that man lived his life after that experience and how the lives of those around him changed.