James 1:17a

One day about a month ago, my family and I were driving past the northern edge of Cedar Rapids, and saw a small flock of turkey hens near a field pecking at some gravel.  We were excited and when we returned to the site on our way back home, we hoped that somehow I’d still be able to get a picture of any remaining turkeys.  But they were gone.  We were frustrated and disappointed.  I thought it wasn’t likely we would have a chance to photograph wild turkeys at that close range again.  But, if you’re a child of God, never say never!

On Saturday morning, Oct. 29th, I opened the kitchen curtains and was surprised to see a small flock of turkey hens in our urban backyard!  I called to my husband and he quickly got to a window and counted seven of them.  The kids got to a window too.  We were all excited just as we were before, but this was so much better!  The turkeys were very interested in the spilled birdseed in the grass left behind by the much smaller birdfeeder birds.  I slipped outside hoping that the creak in our door didn’t scare them.  The turkeys seemed to overtake our yard and I heard what sounded like an alarm call from a cardinal.  They quietly foraged and then one curious turkey approached me and my camera.  I took her picture and shortly after, the turkeys moved on (My husband transferred her photo so you can see her).  We believe our wild turkey surprise was a gift from God.  He is the master gift giver!