1 Kings 17:1-6, 2 Kings 1:8

We heard a sermon recently about Elijah.  The pastor said that in order for Elijah to have arrived so boldly on the scene, he must have had some sort of “burning bush” experience.  I agree.

As you know, after Elijah made his bold statement, he left and hid in a ravine.  God directed ravens to bring him food there.  How many ravens do you think God sent?  I think he sent two.  I sought artwork on Elijah and the ravens, and saw that some artists also thought there were two ravens.  One artist painted about a dozen ravens.

How do you think the ravens delivered the bread and meat?  One artist showed one raven with meat and one raven with bread flying near Elijah’s outstretched hand.  Another artist showed Elijah looking up with his clothes held away from himself as if he were ready to catch dropping food.  I think the ravens might have landed near Elijah for him to take the bread and meat from their beaks.  What do you think?