1 Kings 17:1-6

I find it interesting that of all of the animals God could have chosen to feed Elijah, he chose ravens.  Granted, any animal God would have ordered to feed Elijah would have, but I think God used ravens because they’re smart.

According to Bird Brains by Candace Savage, “Corvids…were probably better able than other birds to fill in the blanks, given their undoubtedly great learning abilities and their extremely characteristic tendency to try out novel patterns of activity.”

A couple of examples of the above stand out in the “Playtime” and “Corvid Want a Cracker?” sections.  Under “Playtime,” it said,

…if one raven slides down a snowbank or a piece of wood, all the other birds in the group will likely follow suit.  If one hangs upside down from a wire and passes a piece of cheese from its foot to its beak and back again, another may line up beside it and try to do the same.  This means novel behaviours that are created by one individual are quickly learned by its associates.

Under, “Corvid Want a Cracker?” it says

In captivity, corvids may also develop a knack for mimicking human speech.  Thus, a tame raven named Macaw greeted his keepers by calling, ‘Hellomacaw.’ a reiteration of the phrase with which they greeted him.

Another novel corvid behavior is shown in a “Bird Brains” photo.  It is a picture of a crow taking a drink from a water fountain.

The author later states that, “Brainy animals, like people and crows, tend to take…delight in food-flower and fruit, fish and fowl, animal and vegetable.  They are often ‘generalists,’ able to identify and exploit a wide array of nutritional resources.”

My husband and I can attest to that.  One time we were eating lunch in a parking lot and noticed a crow with a ketchup packet on top of a low post.  It used its feet and beak to open the packet and get the ketchup out.  It was quite amusing.

The Bible says that Elijah got bread and meat from the ravens God sent.  I don’t know what kind of meat it was but surely the ravens were interested.  Maybe Elijah treated the ravens that came so often as pets and talked to them and shared food with them.

God is creative in how he takes care of his people.  God can help you in an unexpected way too.