Exodus 20:1-17

Recently, I heard someone on a Christian radio station tell people that God’s name is not to be taken in vain.  I want to join her in getting the word out.  God’s name is not to be misused, as is stated in the ten commandments.  God was clear about what He wanted, yet some people deliberately and/or carelessly use His name wrong.  Even some comics use texting jargon misusing His name.  ENOUGH!  How did it come to be that the response to any number of statements (e.g. You won $20 worth of gas, Look how tall that woman is) ends up being a slam to God?  Not only does misusing God’s name break a commandment, it just doesn’t sound smart.

School has started up again for some and is about to begin for others.  Soon I know I’ll be hearing God’s name taken in vain on school grounds.  My daughter even had to hear that in Kindergarten.

If someone close to you misuses God’s name, call them on it.  You could start by saying, “You say that a lot.”  Or you could pray that God would help you to know what to say to them.  This is a widespread problem but it’s time we start tackling it.