1 Kings 8:1-2

January, February, March…We know the months of the year by heart.  Though in America,  my Bible made me feel I was in Old Testament Israel this week when I read the words, “…in the month of Ethanim.”  My curiousity was piqued, and I found this:

“eth’-a-nim (‘ethanim):

The seventh month of the Jewish year (1 Kings 8:2). The word is of Phoenician origin and signifies “perennial,” referring to living streams. It corresponds to September-October. ”   (http://bibleencyclopedia.com/search–ethanim)

I should mention that the Bible version I read is, “The Holy Bible New International Version.”  It is a Red Letter Edition, which means that the words of Jesus in The New Testament are in red print.  It is published by Zondervan Publishing House.  It’s small, navy, has a snap and a built-in navy ribbon bookmark.  I’ve had this Bible for years and love it.  My husband and I have several Bibles but this one is my favorite.