2 Samuel 23:8-39

After reading about David’s mighty men, I wondered if the Uriah listed was the same Uriah mentioned before.  Here’s the answer I found in, “The Reformation Study Bible”:  “By concluding the list of David’s mighty men with Uriah, the victim of David’s great sin in ch. 11…”

What blows me away is that there are so many people familiar with the David/Bathsheba/Uriah story, but Uriah himself probably didn’t find out about the secrets that surrounded him.  From his perspective, he probably thought it strange that David suddenly wanted him at his house for awhile and then sent him back to the war.  I’m guessing he was surprised when Joab gave him his orders after all of the special treatment.  I don’t know if Uriah saw the men drawing back from him in the thick of the fight.  Maybe he stood stunned for a moment and that’s when he was killed.  Whatever happened, David was later repentant and Uriah was a mighty man to the end.