Genesis 49:29-50:14

How do you observe Memorial Day?  Maybe you attend a patriotic event, get out the grill, and/or visit the grave sites of loved ones.  I think we should also remember Bible characters on Memorial Day.  Many can’t arrange to see the burial sites of various Biblical characters, but we can remember them and ponder each legacy.

If the first Biblical character you think of is Abraham, here is a photo of where he, Sarah, Isaac, Rebekah, Jacob and Leah are thought to be buried:

Cave of the Patriarchs

"Cave of the Patriarchs," Hebron (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

If you plan on traveling soon, or are traveling, I hope you have a safe trip.  Also, if you’re grieving over the loss of a loved one , may you find comfort from God, our loving Heavenly Father.  He took care of the above-mentioned Bible characters so long ago, and He can take care of you.