Genesis 1:20, 23, 25-26, 31, Job 40:15-18

Our daughter loves dinosaurs.  She and others have questions about dinosaurs, and so for answers, we consulted a Christian source, “The Answers Book for Kids” by Answers in Genesis.

Author Ken Ham was asked if people were alive when dinosaurs roamed the earth and he stated the beasts of the earth and man were created on Day 6. He added that it is true that dinosaurs are older than people but probably by only a few hours, not millions of years.  He believes that the book of Job describes a “dinosaur” (a word made up in 1841) with the word, “Behemoth” which could have been a big Sauropod.

When asked if dinosaurs are related to birds he said that birds, the flying creatures were created on Day 5.  Dinosaurs were created after birds and could never have turned into birds.  Birds and dinosaurs have different breathing systems, different blood systems and very different bone structures.  He stated that birds are birds and dinosaurs are dinosaurs.

And when asked about dinosaurs on the ark, he said that most dinosaurs were small, with the average size being about the size of a sheep.  And he believes God may have sent the smaller young adults of the few larger dinosaurs.

After being asked what happened to the dinosaurs, he first clarified that we know from the Bible that the earth is about 6,000 years old.  And although he acknowledges that some believe a meteor strike killed the dinosaurs, he challenges that belief because it does not make sense that a meteor strike would kill the dinosaurs and not other animals.  He explained that dinosaurs died because of the flood, and like other animals, were probably hunted, killed each other, their food supply ran out, or they got fatal diseases.

Ham believes it may be possible that dinosaurs could still be around in a remote jungle, especially since some were the size of chickens.  So OK, everyone, get your hopes up for a dinosaur discovery!