2 Samuel 9

Mephibosheth was orphaned when he was five years old after his dad, Jonathan, died.  Both of his feet were crippled from a childhood accident.  He lived with anyone who could meet his needs.  But then David offered to adopt the orphan prince.  Mephibosheth went on to provide many descendants for Saul and Jonathan through his son Mica.  (Who’s Who in the Bible)

Whoever Mica’s mom was, she was probably a good mom and wife.  She would have looked past Mephibosheth’s crippled state to start a family with him.  I think Mephibosheth was humble, and maybe she was humble and taught Mica to be humble too.

Are you humble?  There are so many things to teach kids, but having a humble spirit is an important lesson to teach.

Godspeed to all the mothers out there that desire to bring their children up in a godly environment.  Happy Mother’s Day!