Matthew 13:53-55a, John 19:17-18a, John 19:28-20:29

As a boy, Jesus lived with his parents and no doubt learned carpentry really well from his earthly dad, Joseph.  Surely they made beautiful woodwork together.  I don’t know if the young Jesus ever had an accident with a nail.

I can’t help but think that Jesus had many fond memories of woodworking with his dad until he carried the cross (which could have inflicted splinters), and was nailed to the cross, where he bled and was in great pain.  As a carpenter, Joseph would surely have been well acquainted with splinters and the pain a nail can cause.

Jesus died on the cross for our sins, but he rose again!  Interestingly, he showed his disciples his nail scars.  He could have easily healed himself, but he used the scars to help people believe.  Do you believe?