Luke 19:28-38

I love many animals and whenever I read a Biblical passage with an animal, I’m very interested.  So when I read of Jesus’ triumphal entry to Jerusalem, our King Jesus is the main focus, but then I think about the colt he chose.  Jesus knew where the colt was, though his two disciples couldn’t see it.  Just as Jesus said, the colt was there, and they were able to untie it and bring it to Jesus with the one predicted question from the colt’s owners.  It’s just possible that the two disciples got chills experiencing one by one the things Jesus foretold.

After the disciples left the owners of the colt, do you think they followed the disciples out of curiosity?  Maybe the owners ended up in the loud crowd of people praising God, got the colt afterward, and became followers of Jesus.  Or maybe they stayed home and saw the same disciples return the colt later.  Whatever happened, I like to think that the owners later felt special that Jesus chose their colt.  Surely that colt got a lot of special attention for however long it lived.